Marluxia KHD

Main Antagonist Chain of Memories. He wields a scythe and the power of flowers, which represent death as opposed to how they represent Cure magic in the games for all the other characters. Marluxia, along with Larxene, another Organization XIII member, schemes to overthrow Xemnas, with the help of Sora, so they can become the leaders.He is also the Main Antagonist of Youtube Series War of World and Leader of his team Team M.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Edit

Marluxia's spirit remains as a special kind of Nobody, called an Absent Silhouette, and manifests itself inside the Beast's Castle in the Beast's room after Sora convinces the Beast to take back Belle and the rose from Xaldin. If Sora chooses to investigate the Silhouette, Marluxia reappears and engages Sora in a hectic rematch, but is defeated. A data replica of Marluxia also appears in the Cavern of Remembrance.

Kingdom Hearts III Edit

Marluxia is slated to reappear in Kingdom Hearts III as part of the real Organization, despite his attempts of overthrowing the original. He encounters Sora, Donald and Goofy at the Kingdom of Corona and notes how it is interesting to see Sora again, though the latter does not recognize him since his memories of Castle Oblivion have been wiped clean.