'' Go To Sleep''

Jeff's famous quote

Jeffrey "Jeff" Woods (also known as Jeff the Killer) is the titular main protagonist of the Creepypasta of the same name by the brother of GameFuelTv, who loses his sanity and begins killing to satisfy his homicidal urges.

Jeff has extremely pale skin and burnt off eyelids, giving him an even more ghastly appearance. Jeff later got his most distinctive trait, the smile that he had carved into his face. His build is commonly described as slim but fit at the same time and reaching a height of around five to six feet. His clothing normally consists of a pair of black skinny jeans with a white hooded sweatshirt, sometimes stained with fresh and old blood from his victims.

He has become one of the largest Creepypasta icons to date, even rivaling Slender Man. Jeff was a teenage boy, who was a caring youth and deeply cared about his brother Liu. As a killer, all that changed and he became a vengeful, dangerous, and bloodthirsty sociopath.He is the Deutagonist of Pasta Monsters and Main Antagonist turned Main Protagonist of Hooded Heroes. He is the Leader of Anti-Pasta.

Relationship Edit

Ben-He is Jeff's Best Friend who is gay,pervert elf,they both love to go on Internet,Jeff is sometimes annoyed by him.They are former Creepypastas.

Slenderman-His Former Creepypasta Boss turned Hooded Hero Ally.Like Ben,he is hated by Slender Man.

Jane-Jane and Jeff Hated Each Other,unknown to Jane,Jeff has a secret crush on her,later,he quit killing innocent,betraying the Pastas,causing Jane to give up to kill him and falls for him.They have a son named Jack the Killer,who is based on Jack the Ripper.